Meet the band

At the moment Will is recording a new album called “The Psychomagic Protocol”, due to be released later this year. On this album he will be accompanied by a couple of Holland’s finest noisemakers, two top-notch musicians who will also […]

Will becomes an official Ibanez endorser.

Will is now an official Ibanez endorser. He will be endorsing a selection of AZ models (24 fret HH-configuration only). As soon as the corona dragon has been slayed and clinics and conventions will be organised again, Will shall hit […]

Will becomes an official AMT endorser.

Will has been using AMT products for decades now, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that he is now one of their official endorsed players. Since 2004 Will has never released a recording where the saturation of his guitar signal […]

Will becomes an official Meyer Amps endorser.

Will just became an official Meyer Amps endorser. Meyer builds boutique custom amps that can easily hold their own against any other brand out there. Their focus on detail is second to none and the build quality is just unparalleled. […]


Welcome to my new website. Hang out, listen to or download some tracks, watch a video or two, take a free guitar lesson and do come again sometime because this site is more or less under perpetual construction, so more […]

No Sweep

It’s funny that I sometimes get complimented on my clean sounding sweeps while in reality the licks and riffs they’re referring to aren’t sweep picked at all. I do like to sweep pick, but sometimes I don’t want to get […]

From Nowhere

Years ago, I made this instructional video called “Outside Tapping”. I might as well have called it “Hammer-ons From Nowhere” because that’s essentially what’s going on. Hammer-ons from nowhere are notes you hammer on with your fretting hand on a […]


Classical music has always been a great source of inspiration for me. And over the years there have been many rock guitar players who incorporated classical influences in their own music, Yngwie being the undisputed capo di capi off course. […]