Meet the band.

At the moment Will is recording a new album called “The Psychomagic Protocol”, due to be released later this year. On this album he will be accompanied by a couple of Holland’s finest noisemakers, two top-notch musicians who will also go on tour with Will as soon as the Corona dragon has been slayed and dates can be scheduled. So who are these guys?:

Paul Miller (Boxtel, 1968) started playing guitar at the age of 8 and studied classical guitar at the music academy (conservatorium) in Tilburg The Netherlands where he graduated in 1995. He played bass guitar and guitar in several well-known Dutch bands and did lots of projects, among others with Will back in 2012 when they recorded “Jazztrophysics”. Paul is playing on a Ibanez 6 string bass and is famous for his unique fast technique and funky groovy licks inspired by players like Jaco Pastorius, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Stuart Hamm, Flea and Larry Graham. Fun fact: Will and Paul formed their first band back in 1984.

Paul Miller

Frank Wintermans (Nijmegen, 1989) graduated from the music academy (conservatorium) Tilburg The Netherlands on jazz drums in 2016. Since then he went on numerous international tours with several projects and bands and recorded with acts like Anna Joan, Lord Volture and Substance. Frank is famous for the fact that he is able to play in many (if not all) styles, inspired by the likes of Nate Smith, Steve Jordan, Marcus Gilmore and Mario Duplantier.

Frank Wintermans