Chupacabra Farm (2011)

Tracklist: Chupacabra Farm Claustrophobic Gerbil Echo (There You Were) Fathers Kanashibari Indigo Velcro Sybian Princess Selur Nelah Nav The Milfwhisperer Untouched By Time (Prokudin Gorsky)

Blueprints for a timetravel paradox (2010)

Tracklist: Hypervertion Everything is 1.618!! I Saw Pygmalion the Other Day Alien Kink Apollo Jyzz Just Before the Finger Pyramid of Evil Contemplation Once the Hourglass is Turned Planet Deathwish A Rat’s Pleasure Wall of Dreams Cavatina (live)

Hidden in reality (2009)

Tracklist: Fearmaker Sewergator Horace the Skyfish Catcher Admiral Byrd’s Fantastic Flight Big Angry Orange Machine Agartha Shuffle Reptilian Wifeswap Party Trenches PK Doing the Zulu Foxtrot Finger Pyramid of Evil Contemplation Shamballah Airport (Close to Midnight)