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On page 6 you can find all the details about this great competition. When we have a winner we will post the competition on this site also, but that will be just as another piece of archive. If you want to enter you'll have to buy the mag, or better, subscribe!!

Anyway, the first prize winner will get his guitar pimped and tuned by none other than Patrick Koopman himself. And like that's not enough, the winner will also receive a free one hour guitarlesson by Will, as well as a tour of Patrick Koopman's guitarworkshop, where teh winner also gets a chance to play the new WS singnature PK guitar. Now that's one heck of a prize, so check Aardschok Magazine nr. 4 and enter!!!

And to wrap things up, on page 12 of the same issue you can also find some information on Will's latest album "Hidden in Reality".

Last changed: 14 May 2010 at 16:59