Will records tune for Holland's number one morning radioshow.

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In Holland's number one morning radioshow at 3FM, presented by Giel Beelen, there's a little segment called "Begin de dag met een dansje" which roughly translated means something along the lines of "Start the day with a little dance". During this segment the host calls somebody who then has to sing along to a rather quirky nursery rhyme.
But now the show has another version of this song, a metal version, played by Will and sung by David Marcelis, lead vocalist extraordinaire of the band Lord Volture.

If you wanna hear or even download this version, click right here, but if you want to hear one of your friends belt out this nursery rhyme on 3FM national radio at 07:30 AM (!) click here and fill out the form. Remeber tot ask espescially for Will Schut's Metal version. Who know's, we might even post your friend's performance right here on this website, now how cool would that be!

Let's Metal Up the Airwaves!!!

Last changed: 03 Mar 2012 at 15:46