What's in store for 2010.

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So, what’s in store for 2010?

First of all, let me thank you all for making 2009 a very good year for me. I was able to complete all of the goals I set for myself. New album? Check (click here)! A WS-guitar website? Check (click here)! A PK guitars promofilm? Check (click here)! A Myspace page (finally)? Check (click here)!

And not to mention the cats I got to play with, Steve Vai (click here), Julian Sas (click here), Gert Nijboer from Highway Chile (click here), to name but a few.

But you people really made my year special, and you know why? Because of you I can now use the word “thousands” in my answers to all those pesty questions like “how many visitors does your site have every month?” or “how many downloads did you have this year?” or “how many people watched you Youtube films?”. The answer always includes the word “thousands”. You have no idea how blessed this makes me feel, and it’s all because of you!

Okay, enough looking back, let’s look forward!

The new year started incredibly glorious for me because on January the 3rd my son Bram was born. And if I look at the size of his hands and the length of his fingers I think the future of unconventional shredguitar is secured for decades to come!

The question arises whether I’ll be able to play guitar at all, now that I’m kneedeep in diapers.

Well, I think I’ll manage, cause this is what I’ve got lined up for 2010:

A new album! With a twist, because it will be a collection of songs I’ve recorded earlier this millennium. And they are a little less unconventional and a little more straightforward shred, so I think it will go down well with most of you.

More Lessons! People asked me to devote some lessons to the subject of exotic scales. And who am I to deny such a request. You’ve got it!

The song together with fellow shredhead Gert Nijboer will be finished! Last year, due to some personal issues of some of the people involved, things didn’t get wrapped up like we intended. But now, even as we speak, we’re working on it.

Another cover? Hell yeah! Last year my version of “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” was posted on the website of Dutch national radiostation Radio2 (click here), and this year another cover will be posted, It’ll be my version of “Little Green Bag”. You’ve got to have some patience though, because it will be posted in December!

Okay, that’s more or less it. But by now you all know me well enough to understand that a workaholic like me is prone to do some extra projects in between projects, so just keep visiting this site to keep up with all my antics.

One last thing, I really like to hear from you. Lots of you took the time to drop me a line and I really like that. If you have any question, remark or you just want to let me know what’s on your mind, just drop me a line and I’ll be sure to get back to you (click here).

Have a great year you all!!!

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