Production for Will's (not so) new album well underway.

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The production for Will's new album is well underway and right on schedule. And so it should, because it's really not a new album at all. It's a compilation of songs Will recorded in 2000 on a Roland VS880 8 track recorder and one live(!) recording of Will dating back to 1993.

The songs are much more straightforward than his recent work, but still there are some early signs of unconventional shredding detectable.

And then there's the sound quality. In 2000 all songs were bounced to one stereo track and because of the fact that the individual tracks all got erased that means we're now more or less stuck with the mix decisions we made back then, and some turn out to be wiser than others, so let's see what we can save, or better yet, restore during the mastering. By all means it's going to be a challenge!

The title of the album?


You can expect this album as a free download on this site (again, with booklet included) somewhere in 2010. Stay tuned for further information.

But remember, it's gonna be a compilation of old recordings. If you want new stuff (as unconventional as it can be) you'll have to be patient, an album filled with all new songs is scheduled for 2011. But that project is also in progress and it's gonna be even wilder than the "Weapons of Mass Seduction" and the "Hidden in Reality" albums put together. Now that's saying something...

Last changed: 28 May 2010 at 21:05