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Here it is, Will's third free downloadable album, "Blueprints for a Time Travel Paradox". It can be yours for free, just come back to this site on or after december 15th 2010.

Now it's not really a new album, rather an album with remastered recordings. The first three songs on the tracklist ("Hypervertion", "Everything is 1,618!!" and "I Saw Pygmalion the Other Day" have been featured for years on this site, you might even allready own them. Well, throw them away, the recordings have been remastered and sound so much better now, like a blanket has been lifted from the speakers!

Tracks 4 to 10 were recorded in 2000 on a Roland VS-880 exp. recorder. No individual tracks were saved back then, so the guy doing the mastering (Ivo from Evol Productions) was more or less stuck with the (somtimes very unwise) mix discisions I made ten years ago. The songs are interesting though, because here and there you can hear what I call "blueprints" for songs that ended up on the Weapons of Mass Seduction?or Hidden in Reality album. Now I'm not really a riff-recycler, but I thought it might be fun if you got to hear the songs leading up to these two albums. And besides, we're talking incidents and fragments here, that's all.

The last track was recorded live in 1993 on a music convention in either Utrecht or Rotterdam, I'm not really sure. It's a cover, you may know the song from the soundtrack to the movie "The Deerhunter", but it's actually called "Cavatina" and was written by the great and?unfortunately late Stanley Myers. There are lots of mistakes on that take, especially because on these conventions I used to run and jump around a lot (for reasons still unknown to this day). But the energy is certainly there.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy the album, and off course, the booklet will be included, so you got the whole shebang there.

One last thing, because this is not really a "new" album there will be no press release or interviews regarding the launch. So if you read this post it's up to you to mail/call/text your friends or anybody else you think might be interested.

A new album with all new songs will be released by the end of 2011 (if all goes well). The worktitle; "Chupacabra Farm". And yes, that will be free to download as well, but for now, please enjoy Bleuprints for a Timetravel Paradox!!!

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