Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!!!

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Lots and lots of right entries, but only one can win. The winner of the GitaarPlus Will Schut competition is (insert drumroll) TINY VAN STIPHOUT (bang gong)!!!

Congratiulations, well done!

What was the question? Well, the song "Selur Nelah Nav" on Will's album Chupacabra Farm is a tribute to a famous guitarplayer and one of Will's idols. Which guitarplayer are we talking about?

Well, the song itself is clearly written in Eddie van Halen's style. Moreover, if you read the title backwards it spells "Van Halen Rules", so this one was absolutely doable.

Tiny will not only receive a free masterclass with Will (where he gets to choose what subjects he wants to cover during this masterclass), but also Patrick Koopman himself will adjust and refine one of his guitars. Of course Tiny will also get a tour through the workshop where the PK WS guitar is made.

That's gonna be one busy afternoon for sure!

Expect pictures of Tiny receiving his prize here very soon.



Last changed: 31 Aug 2012 at 07:48