JAZZTROPHYSICS??? (whiskey tango foxtrot???)

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Well, kinda. Throught the magic of social media Will met up with an amazing guitarplayer he played with somewhere in the early eighties (that's almost three decades ago people!). His name is Paul van der Heijden and he is a highly schooled pro guitar and music instructor.

The two men decided to celebrate their reunion by recording a couple of tracks, but with a twist. They took four classic rock anthems and restyled them in a jazzy arrangement. Why? Well, why not. Like shred and metal, jazz can be a very challenging and exciting playing style for any guitarist.

This resulted in an EP that will be free to download on this website very, very soon. If all goes well even before the end of the year. And if the artwork (that will be also free to download) is anything to go by, you can kinda guess what to expect. But be aware, make sure to read the warning sticker on the album very well indeed before giving this album a spin.

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