Is Steve Vai okay with this?

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This can't be right! There's Will playing Steve Vai's guitar plugged in to Steve Vai's effects and running through two of Steve Vai's signature amplifiers. Also, Will is clearly on Steve's stage and even crazier, that's Steve's guitartech Greg tweeking the pedals. What's going on here?
Okay, this is better. There's Will playing his own signature PK guitar and that's clearly Will's Marshall rig, but he's obviously still on Steve Vai's stage. Is Steve Vai okay with this? Surely he can't be!
Well, apparently so. Here they both are, proudly presenting their own signature guitars. Truth of the matter is that Will joined ("the) Steve Vai (Circus") on the two Dutch dates of Steve's Alien Guitar Secrets Masterclass tour (june 20th in Tiel and june 21st in Roermond). If you get the chance, check out one of these masterclasses, in three hours Steve will tell you a lot of insightful information about playing guitar and the music business in general, and moreover, you'll get to see Steve play very up close!

Last changed: 01 Jul 2009 at 18:43