"And the Winner is..." Part 2

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For those of you who don't read Aardschok Magazine, here's the competition one more time. Even if you can't read any Dutch it's easy to figure out what you had to do to win. The four chord symbols spell out the name of one ubercool band, and all you had to do was to name that band. The answer off course was AC/DC !!!!

There could only be one lucky winner and his name was Maurice Mouthaan. He showed up having a bazillion questions for Patrick Koopman about al sorts of things related to the proces of designing and building a guitar. After he learned all there is to know about wood, pick-ups, strings, you name it the time came for his guitarlesson. Maurice wanted to learn all the theoretical and technical ins and outs of the song Night's Blood by the band Dissection. So Will had his work cut out for him, that's a song with some serious righthand picking!!!
In the meantime Patrick went to work on one of Maurice's axes, fixing some problems and finetuning the neck and action, so Maurice went home with his head full of answers, fingers that almost felt numb and a guitar that felt like a brand new one. What a way to spend a saturday!

Here you see a picture that was taken at the end of the day, there's Will, Maurice and Patrick (f.l.t.r.) and off course Will and Maurice are holding PK Guitars!!

Maurice, it was a pleasure having you over, good luck with your guitarplaying!

Last changed: 18 Sep 2010 at 17:02