4. Extending sweeps with right hand taps

As far as I’m concerned sweeping arpeggios is one of the most exciting guitar techniques out there. If you have this technique down, you’ll be able to play a group of notes (an arpeggio) very fast, even if the notes are situated relatively far from each other. This is due to the fact that you don’t pick every note individually (you “rake” them with just one pick movement) and that the notes line up very convenient on the different strings (especially when you play your arpeggios in cord shapes with just one note on every string). But there’s a catch; because your left hand (or right hand if you play left-handed) is somewhat locked in a fixed position in order to play all the notes in the arpeggio, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to extend the arpeggio without using two hands. So why don’t you use two hands?

In the first example you’ll see a basic sweep over five strings, spelling out the notes of a B minor cord. First try to get this baby down. Make sure that you play all the notes at the same volume and that they come out like an even, flowing string of notes.

E -----------------10-----14-----10-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
B -------------12---------------------12-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
G ---------11------------------------------11--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
D -----12---------------------------------------12---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
A -14------------------------------------------------14----------------------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Now play the same thing, only tap an extra note on the high E string, in this case a B (see second example). Again pay attention to overall evenness and start to practise this sucker slowly, preferably with a metronome, and increase speed as you get more comfortable with his riff.  
E -------------------10---14---10--------------10---14---19---14---10--------------10---14---10----------------------------
B --------------12------------------12------12-----------------------------12-----12------------------12------------------------
G ----------11---------------------------11-------------------------------------11--------------------------11--------------------
D ------12---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------12---------------
A -14-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------14----------
E -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------